Lightning Detection System

World first combination of blade surface damage detection and lightning event notification.

The Ping Monitor lightning option is a simple hardware upgrade to the standard surface damage solution.

Be alerted when a wind turbine has been struck within 30 minutes of the event. These events are recorded with a timestamp and GPS location of the strike, enabling accurate root cause analysis and enriching the standard surface damage monitoring.


Improved analysis

Identify which wind turbine has been struck by lightning and when.

Improve efficiency

Accurate and timely detection of lightning strikes enabling root cause analysis.

Optimised revenue

The continuous monitoring reduces costs on maintenance and unnecessary inspections, optimising wind turbine operation and revenue.

Interested in Ping Monitor?

Let’s work together to show you how our Ping Monitor can help you improve your wind turbine blades performance, optimise maintenance, and save you unnecessary costs and risks. Stop flying blind.

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