Smart devices for wind turbine blades

The Ping Monitor technology is a continuous monitoring system which uses the sound created by damaged blades to report the presence of blade damage. The system is used to identify damage more quickly which allows for earlier and more cost-effective blade damage repair, and reduces or optimises the need for visual inspections.

The Ping Monitor is available as both an internal Root Zone Structural Damage Monitor, and an external Surface Damage Monitor.

The Root Zone Structural Damage Monitor has an optional upgrade for lightning detection.

The Surface Damage Monitor has an optional upgrade for lightning detection, ice detection or both.

Both internal and external monitors are provided as a cost effective hardware and monitoring as-a-service package.

Ping Monitor comprised of an intelligent listening system and a power and communications module


Optimise inspection processes and reduce maintenance costs

Stop worrying about inspecting every single turbine periodically, we continuously monitor all turbines at the same time. That way you don’t need to inspect towers that aren’t showing damage, optimising inspections and saving on maintenance, downtime and failure risks.

Detect damage earlier

Accurate data means less turbine downtime and improved performance. Understanding the health of your blades and detecting blade defects before they escalate and become costly is critically important, allowing prompt blade repair when the damage is smaller and cheaper to fix.

Continuously know the condition of your wind turbine blades

Data provided by the Ping Monitor is sent to the Ping Cloud where it can be reviewed and analysed remotely by operators and stakeholders any time and from any device, as well as get notified as soon as the monitor detects any damage.

Ping Cloud uses a simple and easy to use dashboard which lets you quickly review and analyse results and identify which turbines require maintenance.

User-defined notification criteria can be set so key stakeholders remain informed on any significant blade condition changes.

Interested in Ping Monitor?

Let’s work together to show you how our Ping Monitor can help you improve your wind turbine blades performance, optimise maintenance, and save you unnecessary costs and risks. Stop flying blind.

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