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Our diverse team combines experts in areas like technical development, production, customer service, administrative support, sales, and marketing to ensure our Ping Monitor brings you the best outcomes.

Our People

Matthew Stead

Co-Founder & CEO

Matthew Stead is co-founder and CEO of Ping Services and Resonate Consultants and brings over 25 years of experience to the organisations and their clients. Globally he has founded and grown numerous companies, new offices and joint ventures. Matthew has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (first class honours) and a master’s degree in Engineering Science (Acoustics).

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Jon Cooper

Co-Founder & CTO

Jon Cooper is co-founder of Ping Services and has extensive experience in wind farm aero-acoustics, wind generated self-noise, and remote noise monitoring and data analysis systems. He has authored multiple papers on wind turbine noise generation, detection and propagation. Jon has developed several algorithms for the assessment of environmental wind turbine noise which have been recognised internationally.

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