Accurate data means less down time and improved wind turbine blade performance

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Ping Services was established in 2018 with the purpose of supporting wind energy generation by innovating and developing solutions to provide constant and accurate monitoring of wind turbine blades condition.

For this reason we have developed the Ping Monitor, a world-first device that continuously monitors the acoustic signature of wind turbine blades to detect and notify any change or damage, using advanced acoustic analysis.

With continuous monitoring operators can give a timely response to blade damage, reducing maintenance costs, failure risks and down time, as well as improving wind turbine performance and efficiency.

With over seven hundred Ping Monitors installed on wind turbines in twenty three countries, we keep working and growing to support more wind farms and a future with clean energy.

What is Ping Monitor?


This is good technology, extremely affordable and you can extract real value from the data it provides.

The installation takes only five minutes.

We chose Ping Services over other companies because they provided us with the most tailored system that suits our needs, and we are very happy with the outcome.

Using the data from the Ping Monitor we are able to make decisions like shutting down turbines with major damages detected until further inspections are done.

The system provides a data point for customers to have continuous feedback purely based on the audio signature of the blades. This low cost, easily deployed system fills a need that the market currently has.

Performance has been great from the data we have been receiving.

As a company we want to be ahead of the curve and are very interested in the Ping Monitor to support this.

Interested in Ping Monitor?

Let’s work together to show you how our Ping Monitor can help you improve your wind turbine blades performance, optimise maintenance, and save you unnecessary costs and risks. Stop flying blind.

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