Safely map noise, save time and impress your clients. ping.mapping provides a noise mapping service for acoustic consultants.

Noise mapping in hard-to-reach and dangerous places can be a significant issue when mapping noise.

This is the reason we’ve created world-first, technology which can be used to map noise in tricky places.

ping.mapping can capture data in areas where safety is an issue. If you’ve ever had issues in determining noise levels in certain areas of industrial facilities, rooftops, mines, manufacturing and food production then you’ll understand the beauty of this solution.

The data is automatically uploaded to the cloud which you will be able to access and manipulate in real time.

This service is currently being developed. For more information email


  • Safety issues associated with rooftop surveys and accessing difficult to reach locations is eliminated.
  • Time taken to complete the survey and produce a noise map is reduced from 1 month to 1 week.
  • Accuracy of the noise survey is improved as noise sources which are inaccessible can be measured.
  • Cost is reduced – Less than traditional manual methods.